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Services & Pricing

  • Service Price List:

  • Services starting at

    Aerial Photos                                                            $175
    Aerial Videos                                                            $250
    Business Marketing Commercial                          $800
    Land & Timber, Tracts of Land: Starts at              $350
    Subdivision Marketing videos:                               $800
    Video editing per hour:                                           $75
    Voice over Professional Recording:                      $50
    Green Screen Video                                                $175
    B-Roll Shots                                                              $50
    Special Events, Grand Openings, TV Commercial
    Social Media marketing, Auto Dealerships, FSBO,
    Your creative ideas  !                                              Call for pricing


  • Package A:
    Full Real Estate Marketing
    Starting at $450

  • Includes:
    Aerial Video/Photography of Property
    Interior Video Showcase
    Video Editing for Social Media Marketing
    Optional voiceover
    Optional greenscreen of realtor or professional talent 
    Interior photos, if needed
    Uploading edited video to DropBox, YouTube, Myreelty, Vimeo
    Up to 3 different marketing videos

  • Package B:
    Basic Home Marketing

  • Includes:
    Aerial Video of front of home
    Interior video of Living Room, Kitchen, Master Bedroom
    Video Editing for 1 video
    Upload video to Youtube

Much more to come

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